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SEO Services

SEO Services drive targeted traffic to your website using our tools and marketing strategy


We look at metrics such as keyword rankings and organic traffic, setting a baseline to measure performance.


Research gives us data about the specific keywords used to search and the volume of searches


We will implement the strategies for improving your raknking using both paid and organic marketing


Use tools and real time software to generate reports to track progroess and areas that need ongoing changes

What is SEO Services & Digital Marketing

Small start-ups as well as large corporations use Facebook, Google Business Pages, Twitter, Youtube and blogs today. There has never been a more direct and targeted communication with the customer by being available when searched for. 

Do i need SEO on my website?

With the growth of internet searched you want to ensure your business is found when people rearch your your services. The first to good SEO practices is to analyze the website to ensure that the infastruce is SEO friendly and that there is nothing to prevent the site from moving up the ranks. 

Our SEO services include

Our digital strategy framework

We listen and learn. And once we have the full picture, we use our experience to build a brilliant strategy.

Who are you really?

Our team digs deep with clients through sessions that help us come to grips with your business. It’s a process that pushes the big questions to the surface: Where are you strong? Where do you struggle? And what are your goals and objectives?

Competitor Analysis

We take your competitors very seriously. Understanding who is out there, how they set customer expectations, and where there are opportunities to stand out from the pack is central to delivering a digital experience that’s above the rest.

Defining your people

We are obsessed with figuring out what makes your audience tick. Personas are informed by a range of inputs, including analytics, They help us focus on what visitors want and how they will navigate your digital experience.

Building a Strategy & Execute

Strategy, design, UX, and content experts all come together to turn research into a concise plan for your brand in digital. After presentation we can impliment the strategy and monitor ongoing progress


Web Design, SEO Services and Graphic Design

Vervi8 Solutions

SEO Services drive targeted traffic to your website using our tools and marketing strategy

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