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Make Your Website More Attractive [5 steps]

make your website more attractive

Make Your Website More Attractive [5 steps]

Creating an engaging website is not so difficult as before. In fact, you might have the right tools at your disposal and some of which are free such as Canva for creating good graphics, WordPress for managing your blogs or products and a few writing skills needed to get the job done
A well-built website generates better customer traffic and an improved user interface leads to increased conversions which leads to increased sales and brand awareness.
in the next few steps, we will highlight some of the 5 simple steps on how to make your website more attractive to your audience

Keep it simple

Your audience’s first impression comes from your website’s design. Beautiful websites are crucial for making an impactful and positive first impression for your audience. Yes, keep it simple and Attractive. Less busy and populated with content means more interaction
Your Navigation Menu must be easy to follow and link to the correct pages. Make use of a “block “approach when arranging your website. This helps in alignment. Content or images that are not aligned tend to make your entire website look cheap and not professional which brings me to my next point

White space is not that bad

Whitespace on a website is becoming more and more used when it comes to website development. White space can also help direct focus and attention. It provides a way to separate features and ideas so that visitors can discern exactly what you want them to see in a quick glance, rather than having to visually sort through a noisy and crowded layout.
White space can also be used to balance colours and section within a page. Too much of it not good but try using it to offset your main colour and create good balance.


make your website more attractive

Good photos and good videos

94% of all first impressions on a website are design-related with that in mind it means websites with great photos, design and videos have a higher chance of engaging an audience then websites with poor media. To make sure your website is more attractive ensure your images have little to no pixilation at all. It’s also important to use online image compressing tools such as tiny png (link to tiny png) to reduce the image size yet keep the image still looks great for website use. If you are not good at graphic designing  then surely outsource that department to an expert who in turn will provide pixilation free designs for your website

Content is your best friend

People going through your website are not robots or machines, its human beings looking for solutions to challenges they have. If you run a workshop on fixing cars, your content should be about how you will help that person to spot signs that their car needs service and offer day to day checklists for them to follow. It’s also important that your landing page has straight to the point information about what you exactly do. Your audience needs to get the idea and fully understand within a few seconds of being on your website. Good simple and easy to read content helps google rank your website even higher on search engines. Quality content  is highly beneficial for your digital brand.
Make use of “call to action “buttons, Call to action buttons definitely make your website more attractive to people who want to use your services or  to make an enquiry. These help you grow your interaction with your audience. A call to action button could be something like “call us now” or email us now. Make sure these buttons work on mobile devices. Telephone numbers or contact forms that don’t work makes your website untrusted. Ensure that you or someone is available on the other side to take the clients query

Fast and responsive websitemake your website more attractive

One of the main keys to your website not doing well on google is due to the fact that your website is slow and that its not responsive. A fast loading website improves your SEO and user interaction. If your website is slow users tend to go out and visit another website that’s fast. It’s also important to ensure your website is responsive both on mobile and desktop. All your elements on your website should align accordingly when its used on different devices. Make use of tools to test your website speed and make the relevant changes as suggested to improve your speed and responsiveness

Making your webiste look attreactive is not a difficult task . it has rewarding benefits f or your website. There aremore advanced improvements to make on your website however start with these  basics and grow from there.
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